society is fucked, become a hermit with me?
society is fucked, become a hermit with me?
Hey im Charlee.
New Zealand.
you'll figure me out by the bullshit i post and reblog. youre more than welcome to ask me anything in the world..
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Baby, I have no idea how this will end.
Maybe the equator will fall like a hula hoop from the Earth’s hips
And our mouths will freeze mid-kiss on our 80th anniversary.
Or maybe tomorrow my absolute insanity
Combined with the absolute obstacle course of your communication skills
Will leave us like a love letter
In a landfill.

But whatever
Whenever this ends I want you to know
That right now
I love you forever.

Andrea Gibson, “How It Ends” (via feellng)
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Moments like these i think about my life and myself in general and I hate everything. What I say, just the sound of my voice, reactions to people’s comments, me trying to do stuff I might be good at and I think ‘na,
Fuck I’m a loser.’

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